Little Fingers of Life


on April 12, 2012

Alleluia, Christ is risen!

What a joyous and glorious time of year. The daffodils are blanketing our yards, the lilies are gracing churches and homes with their presence and many other flowers are peaking out to see the world. Let’s not forget the wind telling it’s stories and the warm and cold temperatures at war, battling for their place in our days. The gorgeous colors are springing from the trees and the sun’s bright face is staring down at us in wonder and confusion, even as more teardrops fall from the sky. All puzzling over the crazy doings of us humans as we finally make our way out of our winter prisons to welcome these new found beauty’s to the world. They also bring with them a reminder of the new life and hope we have in Christ.

And during all of that this little guy brings about an ever constant reminder of the wonderful miracles we are given daily.

Here’s our little guy on Easter Day (I didn’t have any lilies to include in the photos, I’m sure he’ll be quite thankful for that in a few years, and I bet his daddy already is thankful.)

And then there are those silly old parents-


3 responses to “Easter

  1. Katie Sterling says:

    he is so adorable 🙂

  2. Cathie says:

    I love his wink. It is so perfect to go with your writing it is so beautiful;)

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